Tailgate Topics


Tailgate Topics is an educational program to help train landscape employees quickly and easily. It is also designed to help prepare landscape employees for the Texas Certified Landscape Associate Exam.


Tailgate Topic FAQs

What is Tailgate Topics about?

• Helps prepare employees for the Texas Certified Landscape Associate exam.
• Gives landscape employers a quick and easy way to train employees on different landscape skills.

How does it work?

You will recieve a disc and training manual with the Tailgate Topics lessons.  All lessons can be used on site as the purchaser wants.

What if you aren't an experienced trainer?

The user is sent a training manual that will provide background to go along with the topics that they will be teaching.

Who developed the program?

The Texas Certified Landscape Professional Sub-Committee of TNLA.

What does the Tailgate Topics look like?

To see a sample Tailgate Topic click here.

How much does it cost?

$49 for members and $99 for non members. 

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More Questions ?

Email TNLA or call Education at TNLA 800.880.0343