Industry Research Reports

Leaflg5Industry Research Reports

The Green Industry is one of the fastest growing sectors of agriculture in the US. The US green industry consists of wholesale nursery, greenhouse, and sod growers; landscape architects, designers/build contractors, and maintenance firms; retail firms such as garden centers, home centers and mass merchandisers with lawn and garden departments; and various marketing intermediaries, such as brokers and horticultural distribution centers.


For over 20 years, TNLA has produced the Economic Impact Report, an analysis of the economic scope of the Nursery/Floral industry in Texas. The following files are PDF format: The purpose of this research project is to estimate the total economic impacts of the green industry in Texas, often referred to as “environmental horticulture”, including wholesale nursery and greenhouse production, landscape services and retail trade in horticultural goods.

Download the 2013 Texas Economic Impact Report

Download the 2012 Texas Economic Impact Report

Download the 2011 Texas Economic Impact Report

Download the 2010 Texas Economic Impact Report

Download the 2009 Texas Economic Impact Report     

Additional Industry Reports

Hortcover oct2010

Soil Management, Fertilization, and Irrigation

Landscape Coefficients for Single- and Mixed-species Landscapes
Pannkuk et al. HortScience.201

2007 US Census of Agriculture

The 2007 Census of Agriculture is the 27th Federal census of
agriculture and the third conducted by NASS.

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2007 Texas Data from Agriculture Census

USDA Irrigation Survey Report

Research Grant Reports

Landscape Coefficients for Single- and Mixed-species Landscapes

Tim R. Pannkuk, Richard H. White, Kurt Steinke, Jacqueline A. Aitkenhead-Peterson, David R. Chalmers and James C. Thomas

Determining Plant Water Use and Crop Coefficients of Selected Nursery and Landscape Plants
Dr. Genjua Niu, Texas A&M Research and Extension Center (2006)

Evaluating the Salinity Tolerance of Nursery and Landscape Plants
R. I. Cabrera (Principal Investigator), L Rahman, C. McKenney, s. Hill, G. Niu, and W. A. Mackay. TAMU Research and Extension centers at Dallas and El Paso (2006)

How much water is enough? Using PET to develop water budgets and promote voluntary water conservation in Texas lawns and landscapes.
Richard White, David Chalmers, and Jim McAfee, Soil & Crop Sciences Department, Texas Agricultural Experiment Station, Texas Cooperative Extension (2007)

Water Use by Mixed and Single Species Urban Landscapes

By Dr. Kurt Steinke (2008)