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The Texas Nursery & Landscape Association (TNLA)  represents all aspects of the Green Industry in Texas. In addition to education, certification, and legislative/regulatory representation, TNLA produces the Nursery/Landscape Expo, held alternately in Dallas, Houston and San Antonio in August.

TNLA represents the producers of the second largest row crop in Texas, the third largest nursery & floriculture-producing state in the United States and an industry whose total post-farmgate sales exceeds $13 billion annually.


Legislative & Regulatory

  TDA Announced New Conditions on Movement of Citrus Nursery Stock Within and Outside of the Citrus Zone On March 14, 2012, TDA issued an updated emergency quarantine that specifies conditions...

TNLA Leadership

TNLA depends on literally hundreds of volunteers to provide its services. Our Board of Directors and region leadership are elected annually by the membership. TNLA operates under Bylaws and Policies...

TNLA Education

TNLA's industry focust education opportunities enable you to learn about new and emerging technologies, confer with industry experts about answers to the markets tough challenges, discuss and explore ideas,...